January 6, 2023

2023 Wedding Trends that Inspire Us

In the new year, we’re often greeted with resolutions, words of the year, a new color (more on that later this month), and trends. 2023 seems to be all about the visually pleasing wedding and we are here for it. Read on for some of the 2023 wedding trends that inspire us.


This year it’s all about texture in the décor, attire, invitations, and food. If you can find a place to add texture, do it. From flowers waterfalling down your 6-tiered wedding cake to cameos attached to your wedding invitations, have fun!


Though this is the year of color in many ways, 2023 weddings may opt for natural and neutral colored décor to allow the outfits to shine. Look for décor that compliments your venue but lets the fashion be the star of the show.


2023 will be the year of the outdoor wedding. Bonus points if you can find a venue that allows for indoor-outdoor celebrating (especially if you’re getting married in a month with uncertain weather – most months here in Central Virginia). As you’re selecting your venue, keep in mind that scenic views are the trendiest wedding venue offering for 2023. Once you pick that venue with the perfect scenic view (and we certainly have an abundance of those in Central Virginia), be sure to compliment it with natural finished and natural colored décor choices.


2023 brides are more likely to opt for gowns with detail rather than simple frocks. Look for structural and architectural gowns with fun details like feathers, fringe, slits, and 3D embellishments.

Out are the perfectly matched bridesmaid ensembles and in are mismatched bridesmaid dresses (don’t even worry about coordinating colors in 2023). Also consider a neutral palate for your bridesmaids in champagnes, ivories, whites, and buffs. Fabric is also key here. Pick a luxe fabric such as satin, silk, or velvet. And, just like Katherine Heigl taught us in 27 Dresses, make sure the bridesmaids can wear it again! Simple silhouettes are key for this look.


This year, expect to see grooms and groomsmen in luxe fabrics like velvet and jacquard. It’s all about color for men as well. Look for jewel tones (especially in blues and greens). Finally, don’t be afraid to accessorize and bedazzle. Lapel pins, pearl buttons, and frilly shirts will be all the rage in 2023.


Just like with so many other 2023 wedding trends, for food, it’s more about the look than the taste (although let’s be real, it’s still about the taste). Charcuterie boards, butter boards, and gorgeous spreads are extremely trendy.

When it comes to the cake, go big or go home. Experts are suggesting upwards of 6 tiers for your cake. Dress the cake just like you’re dressing the bride with exciting detail and texture.


If the last several years taught us anything, it’s that when we can, we’ll find an excuse to party. 2023 will be the year of the wedding PAAARRRRTAAAAYYYY. From welcome parties to elaborate rehearsal dinner parties to the reception, have fun with your guests this year. Look for ways to add late-night club vibes to your reception and you’ll be right on trend.


If you didn’t capture it, it didn’t happen. While we still love a curated and posed wedding photo gallery, in 2023 it will be very trendy to mix in more candid photos. Look for the resurgence of the disposable camera at weddings. Brides and grooms want to capture those natural moments as much as the stunning golden hour portraits. And while wedding hashtags may be out (sorry), posting to social media is very much in. Expect to see your feed filled with wedding photos and videos this year. And, expect to see TikTok driving wedding trends for years to come.

Final Tips

With all the 2023 wedding trends coming our way, we see three themes:

  • Color
  • Visuals
  • Whimsy


Have fun with your wedding this year. And remember, there’s never anything trendier or more inspiring than you. If these trends aren’t your style, be YOU and you’ll be right in style.


Thanks to Vogue, The New York Post, and Insider for their trend reports.

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