March 16, 2023

Flowers Are Forever – Wedding Bouquet Preservation

When I was a little girl, my mom’s wedding bouquet sat in a vase on her dresser. While the dried flowers looked pretty, they would sometimes become brittle and leave little pieces of flower on the top of her dresser. It was also difficult to dust. But my mom wanted to keep her wedding bouquet to remember the day she married my dad.

If only 1985 was 2023, my mom would have had far more options for preserving her wedding flowers. From flowers frozen in resin to framed bouquets, the options are almost endless.


Recently, Meteorologist Sabrina Bates posted a photo of her framed wedding bouquet online. This is a great option for brides who may want to create a shabby chic piece of wall art out of their florist’s masterpiece. Services are available on Etsy as well as other retailers and prices range from $30-300. But, fear not budget queens, you can also DIY this project. Check out this great tutorial from blogger Kayla Faith.


Options are available online for encasing your wedding flowers in a block of resin. These stunning pieces of artwork can serve as stand-alone decorations, bookends, or even be turned into other (possibly more useful) items. We love this serving tray option from Etsy. While this option for bouquet preservation is more expensive than just framing your flowers, it may the perfect addition to your new home. Of course, our favorite go-to DIY instructor, YouTube, has plenty of tutorial videos if you want to attempt this craft project yourself.



Perhaps my favorite option is preserving your wedding flowers in a piece of jewelry that you can wear for years to come. There are plenty of options available on Etsy ranging from $50-150. However, if you’re in the Central Virginia area, we have two wonderful artisans in the area who could also help you out with this project. Check out Among Wild Daisies or Seed & Soil (also sold at Lexie & Lee on Main Street in Lynchburg).

Photo from @Seedandsoil_shop on Instagram

And if you’re looking for a wedding florist, be sure to check out some great Central Virginia providers. We love Irvington Springs Farm & Bloom By Doyle.

Happy preserving!

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