September 29, 2021

Amy & Drake 10/24/2020

There are two sides to every story. Well, three really (yours, mine, and the truth) but that doesn’t sound as quippy as an opening line. So… there are two sides to every story, and Amy and Drake’s love story is no different.

The Meet Cute

According to Amy…

“It all started at Neighbors Place Restaurant on January 7, 2017, and it was completely unexpected. It was a Friday night, and it was the night of my med school formal. I went with my friends and we decided to go out for dinner afterward. Drake was out celebrating his friend’s 21st birthday. It was actually snowing, and neither of us had originally planned on being there. My friends and I planned to eat at formal, and Drake and his friend were only able to come out because Drake had just bought his Jeep and wanted to try it out in the snow. I’m so glad we both ended up there that night. Anyway, my friend pointed them out and asked if I thought Drake was attractive. Obviously, I said yes (I mean, have you seen him?). She is in no way shy, so she went right over and told Drake what I thought. He then tried to look over and see who I was, but I was hiding behind my friend Rachel (because in his words, “You have the remarkable ability to never be normal in any situation”), but thankfully he came over anyway. We talked all night, and he ended up getting my number by asking if he could come with me to church that Sunday since he had recently moved to Lynchburg and didn’t have a church there yet. Church ended up being canceled because of the snow (and I almost canceled our date when he didn’t know what “tentatively” meant haha), so he called and asked if he could take me to dinner. The rest is history!”


And… According to Drake…

“I had just bought a Jeep and my friend came up to Lynchburg for his birthday. We decided to go out that night because it was snowing and I had a new jeep so it seemed like a good idea. Amy’s friend came over to me and said her friend wanted to talk to me, and I looked over to see who it was and whoever it was kept hiding like a weirdo so I gave it a minute and went over there. I tried to talk to her, but every time I asked her a question she would turn and talk to her friends, but she was cute so I persevered until she stopped being so awkward. She seemed like a nice girl so I got her number and we were going to go to church that Sunday. Church was snowed out so we ended up going to La Carreta, which is now all we eat.”


Honestly, any love story that includes La Carreta is destined for greatness.

The Engagement

So, when the two got engaged on vacation in Costa Rica, it was no surprise (at least not entirely). We’ve already told you that there are two sides to every story and just like their meet-cute, Amy & Drake’s engagement also has two sides.


According to Amy…

“One of the best days of my life!! We were in Costa Rica, and following a week filled with fun adventures and relaxing, he proposed on the beach. We’d been talking marriage for a long time, but he still managed to catch me off guard! He promised me (I might have pestered him just a few times haha) that he had not asked my dad yet, and I knew he wouldn’t ask me without first talking to my dad, so I just KNEW he wouldn’t be proposing that week. Turns out, he’s pretty good at keeping a secret and had talked to my dad right before we left. That day, he suggested that we should see if the resort photographer would take some beach pictures for us because “You’re always mad at me for not smiling in pictures, but I will if they’re professional.” He’s not wrong, so I went with it in hopes we could finally have a normal picture together haha. Midway through taking pictures, Drake said I should get one with just me in it looking out at the ocean…”So you can have an artsy profile picture.” I thought that was really dumb, but he finally convinced me and thank goodness! As I was looking out at the ocean, he said, “Amy,” and I turned around to see him on one knee! He had the sweetest speech, and I of course said yes!!!”


And… According to Drake…

“We were on vacation in Costa Rica which seemed like a perfect location to propose. The whole week I was trying to find the best place to do it. I had a couple places picked out but decided to do it on the beach with one of the resort’s photographers. I had been telling her the whole week we should get pictures taken, so she didn’t expect it when we got a photographer to go down to the beach with us. I got the photographer to get her to take some pictures by herself so I could get behind her and get the ring out without her seeing. I got down on one knee and called her name and she said, “what the frick”, which is not what you’re supposed to say. Lucky for me though she got it together and made me a very happy man by saying yes!”


If you haven’t grabbed the milk duds and tissues by now, you must not be watching the same rom-com that we are.

The Wedding

Amy & Drake were married on October 24, 2020, at Riverview Manor in Hurt, Va.

Central Virginia’s gorgeous fall colors were highlighted by the bride’s careful décor choices.

The bride wore a dress from Church Street Bridal and the groom a Wood’s Menswear suit.

Essentially, it was the perfect day to showcase their love story.

In her vows, Amy said, “three years ago I didn’t believe a love like this could be out there for me”. Well, if she’d asked us, he had her at La Caretta…

Congrats to Amy & Drake.


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