April 8, 2021

Florals for Spring… Groundbreaking!

Okay, I know Miranda Priestly didn’t really mean it when she [sarcastically] said that florals for spring were groundbreaking, but you know what is groundbreaking? This girl (who lacks a green thumb) learning how to DIY a flower arrangement.

Growing up I never really considered myself a flower person, but as an adult, I just find there to be something special about taking the time to put together a gorgeous arrangement for my home (bask in the glory of my latest arrangement below). It gives me something creative to do, makes my house feel a bit more alive, and helps bring the outside in. So, in the spirit of spring, I recently had a chat with Maggie at Irvington Spring Farm (who supplied the flowers for one of our latest shoots) about some great tips for DIYing flower arrangements (for weddings and for life) and the benefits of shopping local.

What does someone like me (who does not have a green thumb) need to know about DIY’ing an arrangement or bouquet?

First, look to what is in season. This can help inspire the design but also help you work with what is available to you. It is also important to pay attention to the flower style. You don’t want your arrangement to have all one style. Find a nice balance of filler flowers (wispy or branching flowers that take up space) and staple flowers (think peonies, tulips, dahlias). Also mix up your flower sizes and color. If you don’t know the ins and outs of the color wheel (and color theory), don’t be intimidated, just try to balance the color.

What’s the most important thing?

Create what looks beautiful to you. It’s your unique arrangement and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Especially if it’s for your special day.


How do I keep my arrangement alive? Do I need flower food?

A lot of people use flower food because it gives peace of mind, but a lot of studies show that plain water (or sugar water) can work just as well. If adding in flower food makes you more comfortable, go for it. But the most important thing is to cut the stems of your flowers before you put them back into water. Otherwise, the ends of the stems will harden and can’t drink up all of the water and nutrients they need to stay pretty.

You mentioned in-season flowers, what are some of the benefits to using in-season?

Shipping a flower in from another location when it is out of season where you live is going to cost more than using what you have available to you. You can also get a longer life when buying an in-season flower directly from a grower rather than something that has to take time to ship from out of the area.

Will it save me money to DIY my arrangements or bridal bouquets?

Of course. To DIY a bridal bouquet can be anywhere from $25 to $75 depending on the types of flowers and size of the bouquet. Of course, you can also purchase a Farmer’s Choice for about $95.


Obviously, it’s great to support local businesses, but what are some other benefits of purchasing from a local grower and DIY’ing an arrangement?

It’s an eco-friendly option.

Where can people purchase flowers from Irvington Springs Farm?

Irvington Springs Farm sells directly to the public from the farm and also at the Forest Farmer’s Market. The farm also sells wholesale to florists and designers. Customers can purchase small bouquets, DIY Bulk Buckets (which can be ordered in advance and are a great DIY option for a wedding or event) or even a Farmer’s Choice Wedding (wedding flower arrangements designed by the farm using what is currently in season). It is important to arrange Farmer’s Choice in advance as the farm only accepts a limited number of weddings each weekend.


Thanks so much to Maggie for taking the time to chat with us and making me feel more confident in my arranging skills. I can’t wait to get out to the farm and pick up flowers to make my next arrangement.

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