November 13, 2021

Please Sign Our Guest Book

I heard on a podcast this week that a wedding is one of two times in your life that everyone you love will be in the same room. So, it’s no surprise that keeping a record of all those people has become a long-held tradition at weddings. While guest books of yesteryear were traditional ledgers, today they have evolved into everything from wish jars to puzzles. Like wedding favors, guest books now provide couples one more opportunity to get creative. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite guest book options inspired by our Amative Creative couples.

 Wish Jars

From advice to date night ideas, having your guests write down wishes and put them into a jar is a great alternative to the traditional guest book ledger. These wishes will not only give you and your partner some excitement as you pull them out of the jar but also help you remember those that you love. Thanks to Cassie & Derrick for the idea.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. George & Falon and Stephanie & Sean both asked for photo proof of their wedding guests. Guests would take a polaroid and then write their names at the bottom. After the wedding, the couples could either turn these photos into a book or frame them. Consider also asking guests to add a quippy caption to their polaroid. These can make you laugh for years to come.

Wooden Sign

This guest book alternative gives me all the Magnolia vibes. The sign not only commemorates the new couple’s last name and wedding date but can also add a piece of rustic charm to any home. Roger & Stephanie and Han & Patrick both went with this option. If the “Fixer Upper” vibe isn’t your style, swap out the wooden sign for an acrylic alternative.

Bucket List

Whitney & Peyton opted for an idea like the wish jar but with its own unique twist. Though being married in and of itself can be an adventure, they asked their guests to help them plan future adventures. One option would be to ask guests to send you on an adventure they’ve been on themselves. Then when you return from the adventure you can talk about your shared experiences with your wedding guests.


Allison & Trevor love to travel so having their guests sign a painted globe was an obvious choice for their wedding guest book. This globe can now make a great addition to their home décor. Consider asking your guests to sign on the globe near their hometown.

Book Suggestions

Sarah & Garrett’s wedding theme was inspired by their love of reading. So instead of a traditional guest book, they asked their guests to give them reading suggestions. We love that this idea turns their wedding guests into a pseudo book club. If reading isn’t your thing, your guests could give you movie suggestions instead.

Sign a Record

Carrie & Colton’s rocker vibe inspired their guest book alternative. Their guests signed a vinyl record that they can stick back in their collection. While you may not want to play this record ever again, one romantic idea is to pick a vinyl that includes your wedding song. We’re positive this record will go platinum.

Tiny Hearts

With this guest book alternative, guests can give you a piece of their heart. Like Megan & Pieter, you can turn these hearts into a shadow box or framed piece of art. We love this, especially for our Virginia couples. After all, Virginia is for lovers.

Photo Album

We love the idea of creating a photo album of your adventures together up until this point and having guests sign the album. In essence, this becomes a yearbook of your relationship. Guests can sign by a photo they were in, or they can opt for a longer message on one of the cover pages. Thanks to Loryn & Nishant for this inspiration.


We told you the ideas spanned from wish jars to puzzles, and we don’t disappoint. We love the idea of your guests helping you create a game you can play with your partner throughout your marriage. Shane & Aimee’s puzzle was in the shape of a heart, but you could select the shape of the state you’re getting married in or even something that reminds you of a favorite date. The possibilities are endless (just don’t lose a piece).

And of course, you can’t go wrong with a traditional guest book. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to tradition. Consider a fabric-bound book that you can keep on your coffee table or incorporate into your home décor.

Other Options:

  • Family portrait
  • Signed jenga set
  • Fingerprint art
  • Postcards

Thanks to all the Amative Couples who inspired this blog. Please sign our guest book in the comments and tell us what you used for the guest book at your wedding.

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