September 19, 2020

Something Borrowed

I don’t know about you, but often my Saturday nights in are filled with watching America’s favorite wedding dress search on television. I watch these brides search for the perfect dress for their perfect day as they dream about their upcoming wedding. Years ago, when I was in college it seemed to be trendy to have very personal weddings. But, like all trends, things come and go, and in the last several years my Saturday nights have been spent watching brides on television prepare for designer weddings in lavish and extravagant places. That is, until now. Recently, my social media feeds have been filled with friends near and far preparing for weddings filled with extremely personal touches. The focus seems to be more on the intimacy of the moment and the people, and I am here for it.

Some people may call these weddings DIY, some boho, some vintage, and some intimate. No matter what we call these weddings, they often tell the story of the couple, the families that they come from, and the community. They remind me of old family gatherings on my great-grandparent’s farm, and they feel like home.

When it comes to adding personal touches to your wedding, there is no right and wrong way. Each couple has a unique story to tell. I’ll share with you just a few of my favorite tips on making your wedding personal:

  1. Don’t worry about finding matching dinnerware. Pick a theme, color scheme, or era and ask your friends and family if you can borrow. Also, don’t be afraid of the hunt. If you aren’t able to get enough pieces from friends and family, head to your local secondhand shops to see what you can find. Any pieces you pick up can help build your dinnerware collection in your new home or can later be gifted.
  2. Take something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue to a whole new level. Instead of finding inconspicuous ways to incorporate these items, build them into your décor.
  3. Don’t be afraid to change up the seating arrangements. If you’re having a more intimate wedding, consider one long dinner table arrangement rather than a bunch of smaller tables. It will lend a family-style feel to the wedding and allow you more room for a dance floor.
  4. Remember that just like any great story, the story your wedding tells should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. One wedding planner suggests approaching your wedding with the eye of a cinematographer. Build each moment as if it is the scene in a movie.

No matter what story your wedding tells, it will be beautiful because it will be yours! Happy wedding planning [storytelling].




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