February 26, 2023

Angela & Brandon [Take Two] 4/27/2022

Picture yourself walking into work for your shift. As the automatic double doors part, you walk into the store and are greeted by the smell of fresh flowers and produce. The bright fluorescent lights slightly blind you. And then, you see her. A gorgeous blonde girl standing behind the apple bin. Between the fragrance, the bright lights, and her beauty, you start to wonder if you’re dreaming; but you’re not.

Okay, maybe it didn’t happen exactly that way. But Angela and Brandon did fall in love while working the third shift at Kroger. Angela worked in the produce section and everyone at work told her about the cute single guy working the third shift… Brandon. When they found themselves scheduled for the same shift, it was love at first sight.

Brandon proposed to Angela in late September 2021 during a surprise hot air balloon ride (can it get any more romantic?). The two soon decided that they wanted to begin their lives together in private, and so, they eloped in Maymont Park in Richmond, VA. We were lucky enough to be there to capture their wedding portraits.

The Elopement

The Details

The Reception

In lieu of a traditional post-wedding meal, Angela and Brandon ran off to Krispy Kreme for some hot and fresh donuts.

The Take Two

In April of 2022, Angela and Brandon were wed [again] in front of their closest family and friends. The wedding took place in a backyard in Concord, VA, and was a family affair from the very start.

Getting Ready

Angela and Brandon were joined by her mom and a special little audience as they got ready for their big day.

The Details

Not much had to be done to make this backyard space wedding ready. Angela and Brandon used natural elements like florals and burlap to decorate the space.

Instead of small reception tables, Angela and Brandon opted for a long dining table so all of their guests could eat together.

The Bride & Groom

It may have been the second time Brandon had seen Angela in a wedding dress, but he looked at her like every time he was seeing her was the first time.

The Ceremony

Angela and Brandon’s guests were welcomed to the ceremony space with a string quartet. Chantal McHenry, who also officiated the elopement, officiated the ceremony.

The Family

For Angela and Brandon, it was extremely important that their family be the centerpiece of their wedding celebration. So, the two scrapped the traditional wedding party and surrounded themselves with their family members. We loved this family-centered party.

The Dinner

Angela, Brandon, and their guests dined buffet-style around a large dining table in the backyard. Can you spot the wedding cake alternative? We spy a theme.

After dinner, the guests gathered around the fire pit to celebrate the big day.

Congrats to Angela and Brandon. May your marriage, like your donuts, always be Fun. Fresh. And Warm.


The Vendors

Officiant: Chantal McHenry

Wedding Dress: Jjshouse

Shoes: Etsy


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