February 3, 2021

Classic and Trendy – Incorporating the Pantone Colors of the Year into your Wedding

If you’re anything like me, you like a nice mix of classic (vintage) and trendy. As much as I love the classic lines of a white button up shirt and blue jeans, I feel like you can’t go wrong by adding a scrunchie (please don’t tell 1990s me that I still wear scrunchies). Because I enjoy keeping up with the trends, as much as I can anyway, I always check to see what the Pantone color of the year will be.

This year, Pantone has selected Ultimate Gray & Illuminating (a gorgeous yellow color). I don’t know about you, but these happy colors seem so appropriate right now. Because weddings are always on our mind over here at Amative Creative, I thought I’d share a few quick tips for incorporating the Pantone colors of the year into your special day.

  1. You don’t need it all.

Not a yellow person? That’s okay. Don’t feel pressured to use both colors, if yellow isn’t your thing and you still want to be on-trend, utilize the gray color.

  1. Pick and choose where to utilize the colors.

Just like when you’re creating the perfect outfit, or decorating an HGTV worthy room, pick and choose where to utilize your accent colors. Flowers, tablecloths, shoes, ties, socks, and invitations may be great places to throw in these Pantone colors.










  1. Tone on tone.

Think Regis Philbin in the early 2000’s. Regis was known for monochromatic looks. This classic styling trick can make your wedding stand out from the crowd.

  1. Layer it up.

Katie and Marcus layered a creamy lace fabric over black tablecloths to achieve this gray look. You could also layer orange and cream to get the perfect yellow for your reception.

Katie &; Marcus

  1. Shades of gray?

Use the Pantone colors as inspiration rather than a strict rule. While you can be bold and go all out (can you imagine how gorgeous your summer bridesmaids could look in illuminating yellow dresses?), you can also find other similar colors and shades that may better fit your special day. Think about a sheet of paint swatches, you can go up and down on the swatch sheet and find variations of the same color. The same trick can be used to incorporate the Pantone colors into your wedding. Sabrina and Sam’s wedding featured a gorgeous gray suit that allowed the other buttery colors the couple chose to shine.

The best news about this year’s Pantone colors is that they are the perfect mix of classic and trendy (just like my love of white button ups and scrunchies).

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