January 20, 2021

How to Pose for an Engagement Shoot

So, you’ve just gotten engaged (perhaps using one of these five unique ways to propose) and now it’s time for your engagement shoot. And even though you spent years watching America’s Next Top Model you haven’t perfected the art of posing. Never fear, Amative Creative is here (see what I did there… it rhymed). Here are a few quick tips for posing for the perfect engagement pictures.


  1. Remember, you love each other.

Let your unique couple personality come through in these photos. Being caught in the moment usually makes the best photos and you’ll love them because they’ll be true depictions of what life is like with your partner. We can even add in some props (hello engagement ring), beloved pets, and kiddos that are important to your new family.

Alissa & Paul - Engagement Session - Amative Creative - Vaughan House Greenhouse Alissa & Paul - Engagement Session - Amative Creative - Vaughan House Greenhouse

  1. Variety is key.

We’ll get an assortment of photos in a range of different poses. When we find a pose that you’re super comfortable in, we can change it up slightly to add even more variation.

Han & Patrick - Engagment Session - Amative Creative Han & Patrick - Engagment Session - Amative Creative

  1. Don’t be afraid if you feel awkward.

Sometimes, it can feel strange to be in a position that will look best for camera. We want to capture you at the best angle and with the best light, we promise you won’t look bad. We’ll even let you see some of the raw images on the camera as we go.

  1. Exaggerate, exaggerate, exaggerate.

Ah the dreaded walking or moving shots. These can be fun and get a lot of great natural smiles/laughter. The best tip is to move slowly and almost overexaggerate your movement. Think of an ostrich walking across the savannah. Though it may feel silly in the moment, it will allow for a crisper image as you move, and we promise you won’t actually look like an ostrich.

Laura & Ryan - Engagement Session - Amative Creative - Maymont Park

  1. Don’t overdo the smooching.

Everyone (well okay, maybe not everyone, but at least me) is afraid of what it will look like when they kiss on camera. The best advice I can give you is to kiss like your mom is watching you. Don’t smoosh your faces together (not fun anyway) but kiss lightly.

Hope & Dom - Hollins Mill Park - Amative Creative

You don’t have to be a professional model to get great photos, you just have to be yourselves and let us guide you through the process. We can’t wait to capture your love story on film.

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