October 29, 2023

Current Wedding Photography Trends

From candid guest perspectives to elevated photo booths and more, we’ve got all the latest scoop on what’s making waves in the world of capturing your special day. Join us as we explore the coolest and most creative ways couples are preserving their precious moments.


Drones allow you a bird’s eye perspective of your big day. This technology can be especially beneficial when capturing an outdoor ceremony location, as you can see in Katie & Inmar’s wedding highlight film.



We also love using a drone when traveling to a new or exotic location. This photoshoot in Greece was the perfect opportunity to break out the drone.

Candid Shots

Couples today want more than just posed photos. They want to capture the unplanned moments of their day. Candid shots are often more intimate. They are the photos that we look back on as years pass and remember not just the photo but the moment.

Both Cameron & Benjamin and Yang & Michael asked us to capture candid shots of their wedding days.

Documentary Style Photos

Documentary-style photography captures the story of the day. With this style of photography, your photographer becomes a fly on the wall, a photojournalist, and simply captures the moments as they happen. These photos are often more natural, less posed, and even more casual. Rather than capturing poses, the job of a photojournalist is to capture emotions. And what better day to focus on capturing emotions than your wedding day?

Social Media

The intersection of social media and weddings is nothing new. From wedding #hashtags to live-streaming ceremonies, it just makes sense to consider how you’ll use social media on your wedding day. Now, some couples are hiring wedding social media content creators to create content specifically for their digital platforms. Whether you want to capture your wedding on stories, create a wedding day TikTok, or have your photographer curate the perfect main grid post, using social media on your wedding day is #trending.

Black and White Photography

We’re all about the timeless charm of black and white photos. There’s just something special about them that brings out the sparkle in a groom’s eye or the love a bride has for her new husband. That’s why we’re grateful that black and white pics are both classic and trendy.

To take it up a notch, think about diving into high-contrast black-and-white photography. It’s a bit moodier and has a cool artsy vibe.

Film Photography

Film photography is totally having a comeback moment. There’s that sweet, nostalgic vibe it brings with it. Wedding Planner Nathalie Cadet-James even dubs it “unfiltered storytelling.” Why not suggest to your photographer that they use film to grab some candid shots at the reception?

On Location Adventure

Couples are now leaning towards photos that not only document the wedding location but also capture the day’s spontaneous moments. It’s all about fewer poses and more candid, on-the-move shots. This photography style works wonders, especially if you’re tying the knot in a stunning venue or having a destination wedding.

Guest Photos

Ever been curious about what your wedding looks like through the eyes of your guests? Well, some couples are handing out cameras and inviting them to snap away from their point of view. Photographer Mark Davidson recommends using disposable cameras, and for an extra fun twist, Easyweddings.com suggests turning it into a kind of scavenger hunt with those disposable cameras.


Photo Booths

Photo booths have been around for a while, and it looks like they’re here to stay for the long haul. For the updated take on the photo booth, consider elevating the booth with fun backdrops, neon signs, and luxe fabrics. Make sure to keep it interactive so your guests can have a blast!



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