October 31, 2021

Falon & George 11/7/2020

Some of the best love stories are about high school sweethearts. Pretty in Pink, Grease, Anne & Gilbert, Stephen & Ayesha Curry, and Falon & George.

One day after school, Falon approached George while he was playing the guitar to ask him questions about his music (talk about a meet-cute). Falon says, “I realized he didn’t know any of my favorite bands, so I told him different songs and artists to look up. He messaged me later that night to say he looked them up, and we instantly became best friends after that. We stayed just best friends through high school, college, and post-college… Last year, we had a bunch of friend bucket list items we wanted to do and learn. However, the list became so long, we realized we would need to spend our lives together to complete it! After going out on a bunch of pseudo-date friend hangouts, we decided we should just actually call it dating… and the rest is history.”

George proposed to Falon by taking her to the spot where they had their first date and having the waitress deliver her a poem that he’d written for her. “At the end of the poem was a clue to where I would find another poem.  Ultimately, there were four poems corresponding with four locations that are meaningful to us.  At the last location, a waterfall by a lake at sunset, he proposed to me!”

(Are you crying yet, we are).

The high school sweethearts were married on November 7, 2020, at Glencliff Manor in Rustburg, VA (one of our favorite venues).

The Details

The bride selected a starry night garden party as her theme. She intentionally placed hints of sparkle and glitter throughout the whole ceremony and reception. “Our starry night elements include galaxy sky invitations, moonstone and meteorite rings, space socks for the groomsmen, and all of the twinkle lights at Glencliff Manor. The flowers are all white. The cake and decorations are very natural and minimalist.”

The Wedding Party

The groomsmen wore suits from Men’s Warehouse and space socks (we see that starry theme).

The groomsmen and bridesmaids also took time to pray over the bride and groom.

The Ceremony

The intimate wedding ceremony was presided over by the groom’s father. (Again, are you crying yet? We’re still crying over here).

Bride & Groom

These two best friends became husband and wife.

The After Party

George entertained the wedding guests by juggling for them and then everyone danced the night away.


Congrats to Falon & George and happy 1 year anniversary.

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