May 17, 2021

Jacob & Ainsley – 6/20/2020

Jacob and Ainsley met at the CVCC Bedford Campus in the early college program in their junior year of high school (hello high school sweethearts). Jacob’s romantic plan to ask her to be his girlfriend is captured in their Save the Date film and as the best authors say… the rest is history. After 7 years (and 1 week) together, Jacob & Ainsley wed on 6/20/2020.

I’ve always heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck. For Jacob & Ainsley, on 6/20/2020 it didn’t just rain, but the sky opened up and poured luck on them. And Jacob & Ainsley took it all in stride. And [luckily] we were able to capture it all on film.


When Ainsley filled out her client survey, we knew she wanted a romantic and elegant film that showcased the couple’s love story. However, we had no way of anticipating the way that the Trivium would glitter in the rain. Thankfully, the unexpected usually makes for wedding day magic and we think it made for the perfect wedding film (and a full-circle moment – be sure to check out their Save the Date film to see what I mean).

As Ainsley said, “What makes us work is an agreement on what love is. Love is a commitment to choose day after day that you want to be together, through the good and bad. 7 years together has been a short glimpse of what our forever will be. We have laughed together, cried together, and learned each other’s strengths and differences. This is just the beginning of our story.”

Be sure to check out the couple’s film gallery to relive these magical moments of their story.


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