May 24, 2021

How to Cut the Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake Slice

Last weekend I was walking to my car at the end of a wedding and passed the flower girl in her fluffy white tulle dress bending over in a chair to take off her shoes while the PERFECT 90’s wedding song played over the speakers. Honestly, I felt for a moment like I’d stepped into a 1990’s rom-com (a la Father of the Bride). Some moments at a wedding are just classically picture perfect.

One of those moments is often the cutting of the cake. Even though this moment is part of most weddings, you’d probably be surprised to learn that many couples step up to the cake and then look at me and say, “what now?”. So, to help you prepare for your classic moment on your big day, here are some tips for how to cut the “picture-perfect” wedding cake slice.

  1. Prepare to cut

Begin by placing the bride’s hand (right is best) on the cake cutter and then the groom’s hand on top.

This is also sometimes a fun moment to get another ring shot, so we may pause and have the bride put her left hand on top of the other two hands for a picture (but you’ll cut with the right hands on the knife).

  1. Cut a slice in the shape of a V

Place the cake cutter into the cake at an angle to make one side of a V shape. The tip of the V should be in the center of the cake. If you have a multi-layered cake, the cut should come from the bottom layer. Then, carefully lift the cake cutter out of the cake and repeat to make the other side of the V shape.

  1. Lift the slice out

You can either lift the slice out together by having the groom use the cake server and the bride helping to steady the slice with the cake cutter. Or, one of you can lift the slice out of the cake while the other holds the plate. Either way, this is one of your first moments of working together as a married couple. Enjoy the moment.


  1. And commence feeding each other

Oh, the options. Will you feed each other at the same time or one after the other? Will you feed each other with your hands or a fork? Will you be nice or smash the cake into each other’s faces? This is completely up to you. It’s YOUR moment. You don’t have to plan ahead together as a couple, but you do need to go into the moment knowing what you plan to do and most of all, have fun (it will show in the pictures).

A couple of other tips:

  • Don’t cut a huge piece, this is more about getting that picture-perfect moment than cutting a huge piece of cake.
  • When you slice through the cake, don’t be shy. Slice slowly and firmly so that you get the cleanest cut possible.
  • Some families choose to have the bride and groom feed the in-laws a slice of cake after they feed their spouse. It is a goodwill gesture to show a bond of unity between the new family.

You may be wondering how to recreate this moment if you don’t have a wedding cake.

If you’re using a pie in lieu of a cake, just repeat the same steps above with the pie. If you’re using a more unique dessert (cookies, donuts, ice cream, a candy bar), clink the desserts together (like you’re cheersing) for the picture.


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No matter what kind of dessert you choose for your special day, this classic wedding moment will make for a fun memory for your guests and some beautiful pictures!

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