June 24, 2021

Sarah & Garrett 7/25/20

Anne & Gilbert, Romeo & Juliet, Elizabeth Bennet & Darcy, Beauty & the Beast, Harry Potter & Ginny, and now, Sarah & Garrett. Just like some of the greatest romantic literary couples of all time, Sarah & Garrett’s love story is one for the ages. The two met in high school and despite living on separate continents for over five years, they managed to keep in touch. Then, in February of 2019 when Sarah & Garrett were at Sarah’s family farm, Garrett proposed while he was pushing Sarah on the tree swing. When the couple married in 2020, the ceremony took place in the exact location of the engagement (so romantic).

Sarah & Garrett decided on an antique literary-themed wedding. “We will be having books as centerpieces at tables each named for a different author. We will be implementing library cards as either a seating chart or notes for friends to leave their favorite book. Our ring bearer will be carrying the rings in a hollowed-out book.”

The romantic vintage feel of this wedding didn’t stop there. The wedding took place at Sarah’s family’s 19th-century farmhouse which is also the location where Garrett proposed. According to Sarah, the bridesmaids got ready in a room that was restored to look exactly as it would have when her ancestors lived in the house. The couple also set up an outdoor living room (full of vintage furniture) outside for the cocktail hour.

Sarah & Garrett’s love story is only now entering its second chapter. The best is certainly yet to come.

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once”– John Green

Congrats to Sarah & Garrett. #ToHaveAndToHouck

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