July 28, 2021

TikTok Wedding Trends

I may be a millennial and prefer Instagram and Facebook, but when I saw my fellow millennials heading over to TikTok (I’m assuming so they could polish up their dance skills) I had to follow suit. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a trend. If you haven’t noticed, TikTok is taking over our world! (Well, the social media world). And you can find everything on the app (I mean literally, everything from tell-all videos to recipes for meatloaf). So, it’s no surprise that TikTok is becoming the go-to for wedding ideas and inspiration.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to scroll one more app hoping to find inspiration”, never fear. I’ve done the work for you, and I’ve rounded up some of the best TikTok wedding trends.


  1. Wedding Rules

TikTok users are using the hashtag #WeddingRules to call out all their wedding must-haves. While some seem to clearly be a joke (every wedding guest must say a Niki Minaj song line to enter the reception), others give us some great ideas for wedding planning. @Claudiagreiner suggests guests only using disposable cameras to take photos at the wedding.


Part 1! #wedding #weddingrules #marriage #rules

♬ original sound – Claudia Greiner


  1. Dance Videos

Is it really a blog about TikTok if we don’t talk about dance routines? I just learned a TikTok dance a couple of weeks ago and I swear my brain is still hurting from trying to remember the choreography, but this is where TikTok got its start (hello Charli D’Amelio). From using TikTok to create videos of your bridal party dancing to creating cute reels, TikTok is a great place to show all of your trendy wedding memories.



The bride surprised her groom with a Beyoncé dance at their wedding!!! #weddingvideo #bride #weddingdance

♬ original sound – Multiply Media


The vibes you get when you marry your best friend💃🏻🕺🏻🙌😆 tag a bestie to share this with❤️😘 #loveyou #relationshipgoals #beautifulproposals

♬ original sound – Weddings & Proposals – Weddings & Proposals

  1. Trending

Throw out your Pinterest board because TikTok is the new place to find trending wedding ideas and hacks. I love this idea for supporting local small businesses during the wedding.


wedding hack #wedding #bride #supportlocalbusiness #food #cocktail #fyp

♬ original sound – Ellie Juengel


And there are also great tips for making sure you don’t slip while filming that wedding dance TikTok video.


Wedding day hacks!! #dontslip #weddingphotographer #weddingphotography #weddingday #bridetobe

♬ original sound – Diana

  1. Accounts to Follow

If you’re deep into wedding planning, these may be some great accounts to follow for inspiration.

  • @krystal_gardenia (wedding planner)
  • @theweddingplanningguide (wedding planner)
  • @gowneyedgirl (style ideas)
  • @littlemountainmelody (DIY advice)
  • @haleymcelroyco (eloping ideas)
  • @amativecreative (us)
  1. Flower Man

He doesn’t really fit into any other category, but I couldn’t end this blog without sharing this trending video. A Flower Man with a fanny pack seems so 2021 and I just love it.


Flower man

♬ Come and Get Your Love – Redbone


Follow us on TikTok for more videos like this one.


Let’s create anything you like #MakingTheCut #anythingyoulike #SummerMashup #violetsky #weddingphotography

♬ original sound – Charlie Curtis-Beard

And if you’re not vibing with TikTok, head over to our Instagram to enjoy some of our favorite wedding photos & videos (and some super cute reels too).

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