October 26, 2022

Food, Glorious Food!


I don’t know about you, but when I’m planning any special event, my first thoughts are about what I’m going to wear and what I’m going to eat. My birthday is still several weeks away and I’m already dreaming of my birthday dinner.

For many couples, planning the menu for their wedding isn’t a dream but instead another stressor. Never fear, your friendly Amative blogger is here. I’ve compiled some tips to help you make menu planning a breeze.

Consider Yourself

  • Do you have any favorite foods that you may want to include on the menu?
  • Incorporate a dish that has a special meaning to your relationship. For example, if you met in a pizza parlor, consider adding pizza to the menu.
  • Kacey Bradley from 7 Centerpieces in Texas suggests a creative approach to basic dishes. “Start by creating dishes around beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian selections, then add sides, sauces and other aspects that can work for different dietary restrictions. The key is to find a mix of salty, sweet and spicy dishes. Once you have the basics covered, you can add in different appetizers or other meal options.”

Consider Your Budget

Like it or not, a budget can be a huge deciding factor in what will be on your wedding menu. According to RedWater Events, “Buffet style wedding meals tend to be cheaper than plated dinner weddings, and they’re arguably more sociable, too.” You can even consider adjusting the time of your wedding so that you don’t have to provide a full meal at dinnertime.

If budget is an issue but you still want to make a big impact with your wedding menu, consider some creative options:

  • Potluck: ask guests to bring their favorite dish, cake, or pie as a wedding gift
  • Have a backyard barbeque
  • Make a grazing menu or hours devours more exciting by creating food truck-style stations around the reception
  • Have an afternoon tea instead of a full meal
  • Be inspired by Chipotle: create a make-it-yourself station for salads, tacos, bowls
  • Consider a dessert buffet rather than a full meal

Consider the Tone

If you plan a more formal wedding, guests will likely expect a more formal sit-down meal. RedWater events says, “think about how you’d like to set the tone of your big day — if you’d prefer a more casual party, a buffet-style wedding dinner will be ideal.” In the end, every aspect of your wedding works together to create the overall feel of the wedding. A more casual wedding should have a more casual menu and a more formal wedding will likely be accompanied by a more formal menu.


Consider Your Location

One way to honor your wedding location as well as to create a unique menu is to include local dishes and or ingredients. If you’re getting married near the beach, consider including seafood on your menu. For a garden wedding, ask the caterer to use some edible flowers. For a casual wedding in the south, barbeque could be a great option.


Consider Your Guests

Keep your guests in mind when thinking about your menu. Of course, the day is all about the couple getting married, but it is nice to think about any guests who may have dietary restrictions or special needs. Consider including a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or keto option as part of your wedding menu. Kacey Bradley of 7 Centerpieces even suggests including a spot on the RSVP card for guests to list any dietary needs.

At the end of the day, just like every other wedding choice, the menu for your wedding should make you happy. But one easy way to eliminate stress is to plan ahead rather than wait until the last minute. Some experts suggest booking a caterer a year in advance. But, if you’re planning a shorter engagement, don’t sweat. Just reach out to your caterer as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a caterer in the Central Virginia area, consider our friends at Love is in the Air events.

Now, please excuse me while I go plan what to have for dinner tonight. Because of course, it’s all about the food.

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