May 27, 2022

Gen Z Wedding Trends

When I was in 5th grade, our choir was performing a concert for the other students in our elementary school. We were all supposed to wear black t-shirts and denim pants. At the time, bell-bottoms were the trendiest pants in existence and I desperately wanted to wear them for our concert. I remember my mom going to the local big box store and picking up every pair that they had in my size. Unfortunately, they weren’t as cool as the ones the most popular girls in my class had. As hard as I (and my mom had) tried, I just wasn’t that trendy. 

As silly as this story is, it’s stuck with me my whole life. It reminds me of how ungrateful I was for how hard my mom was trying to help me fit in. But also, because it reminds me how easily trends can come and go. As fickle as trend makers can be, trend reports can be helpful in letting us know what the current styles are and, as says, “what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time”. (Question, do we still use the word hip?)

The Report

Recently, Pinterest released a trend report of the most searched for elements from Gen Z Pinterest users as they were planning their wedding. According to the report, 2022 is set to be the busiest wedding season in several years. This is the year that couples make up for postponed ceremonies. And in a twist of trend irony, right now the overall theme of trends is a return to tradition. “…Gen Z is approaching weddings with a traditional flare as Pinners into a diverse world of cultural and unique elements into their celebrations.” 

We’re highlighting three of the most popular Gen Z trends in this blog post. We can’t wait to see how our Amative couples work these trends into their wedding day. 

Black & Dark Themed Weddings 

Despite the tradition-driven themes popularized by Gen Z, brides right now are searching for non-traditional colors to incorporate into their special day. These colors are being incorporated into dresses, decor, makeup/nail looks, and flowers. 

Dark wedding ideas searches increased by 59x this past year and black boho wedding dress searches increased by 4x. 

Since my favorite color is black, this trend is right up my alley. If black isn’t your thing but you want to participate in the trend, look for colors like red, navy, sage green, and emerald. 

Eco-Friendly Weddings 

Pinterest says that its pinners are looking for ideas to help them lessen their environmental impact on their big day. Pinners are planning their weddings with thrifted and upcycled decor (searches increased 3x and +69%), reused wedding dresses (searches increased 2x), and eco-friendly favors (searches increased 2x). 

We’re all over the Eco-Friendly wedding ideas here at Amative Creative. If you want to “go green”, be sure to check out some of our previous blogs to help you plan. 

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Bridgerton Inspired Weddings 

Dear Readers, 

I am delighted to announce that the incomparable of the season celebrates her wedding today in what will surely be the celebration of the year for the Ton. Dear Readers, for if there is any scandal at said event then I shall uncover it. 

Yours sincerely, 

Lady Whistledown 

bridgertn cottagecore editorial amative creative

Okay, I’m not really Lady Whistledown (though I wish I was because her wardrobe is stunning!). But, I do know that Bridgerton wedding searches increased by +31% and Bridgerton bridal shower searches increased by 12x in the last year.  

So many of us want to feel like Daphne Bridgerton on our wedding day. From tea party elements to pastel colors and garden venues, this trend is sure to stick around until at least Benedict Bridgerton gets married.  

During the infamous bell-bottoms try-on session of 1998, I remember my mom telling me that confidence was the most trendy thing I could possess. At the time, I thought she was just trying to make me feel better. Now that I’m an adult, I realize she was right (don’t tell her though). Even though I still follow the trends (you can usually spot a scrunchie on my wrist 99% of the time), I realize that it’s my own unique style and confidence that makes me special (not my bell-bottoms).

So, whether you’re the kind of bride that wants a super trendy wedding, or wants to balk at the trends, remember that as Annie said, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”.

We’d love to be part of capturing your special day. Reach out to us at Amative Creative for a consultation. And for more wedding planning tips, be sure to read our “Unique Wedding Planning Tips”, and “If I Could Plan my Wedding Again” blogs. 

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