November 23, 2022

Santa Baby – Getting Engaged at the Holidays

      “Christmas is too sparkly. Said no one. Ever.”

Christmas is coming and some people may find something shiny under their Christmas tree. According to Hidden River Events, “31% of engagements take place between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day”. We may think that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, but a whole slew of Hallmark movies, and the statistical evidence, will tell us otherwise. Clearly, Santa is more romantic than Cupid.

Verma Jewelry Group adamantly advises against proposing at this time of year. In fact, they say that if it goes wrong, it could ruin not only the relationship but the festive season. While some people may say that the holidays are the absolute worst time to propose, the reality is that it’s a popular time for popping the question and putting a ring on it.

If you’re planning a yuletide proposal, read on for a few tips to help it be as successful and magical as possible.

Make sure you know what the answer will be before you plan a holiday proposal

Really, this should go for any time of the year. No one wants to be that person turning down a proposal on the jumbotron at a baseball game. But it’s even more important during the holidays.

Have a plan

Try to find out what your partner wants in a proposal. Ask them, ask their friends, ask their family members. And then seek help when planning the big moment. This is especially important if you’re planning to pop the question in front of their family and friends. Loop them in!

Brides.com also suggests not taking the holiday theme too far. I may have said that Santa is more romantic than Cupid, but their bridal experts suggest against proposing while wearing a Santa suit.

And it should go without saying that if your partner is shy, private, or wouldn’t want a public proposal… DON’T DO IT! Wait until a quiet moment during the holidays when you can propose just the two of you.

Timing Is Key

The holidays can be extremely busy. Make sure you pick the right moment during the festivities to propose. Leave time after for you and your partner to soak everything in and enjoy your special moment. And make sure that you’re the only one in your friends or family group planning to propose at that moment. As I said earlier, the holidays are a popular time to propose. You don’t want Cousin Kenny ruining your big moment.

Christmas Isn’t the Only Big Day

Someone I met recently told me that they are getting engaged soon. I automatically assumed the engagement would be at Christmas. Then, she corrected me and told me that she expected it during Thanksgiving week. Remember that the holiday season extends beyond just Christmas Day. It may be better to plan your proposal for one of the other surrounding holidays.

Don’t use it as an excuse to not get other presents

One of the big reasons that Verma Jewelry suggested against a holiday proposal is that some couples will use it as an excuse to not celebrate the holidays in other ways. Remember, it’s still the holiday season (rather than just your engagement season).

If you’re planning a holiday proposal, be sure to check out The Knot’s 100+ Christmas Marriage Proposals Ideas article. And, then call us so that we can take your engagement pictures. We LOVE a themed photoshoot (and nothing gets us more excited than Christmas).

When it comes time to post those photos on your social media, Elite Daily has you covered with captions for engagement posts during the holiday season.

Good luck, Merry Christmas, and may your days be merry and bright (with engagement ring bling).

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