December 28, 2021

The Best of 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, we’re taking some time to reflect on our favorite memories from the year. And perhaps it’s because we’ve overdosed on Hallmark movies, but we’re feeling drawn to the “emotional” moments of 2021. So, take a walk down [2021] memory lane with us as we look back at some of our favorite tearjerkers and heart warmers.




Best “Engagement” Photo




Best “Getting the Jitters Out Before the Big Day” Photo

Best “Finishing the Vows” Photo

Best “Mother-Daughter Moment” Photo

Best “Father-Daughter Moment” Photo

Best “Finishing Getting Ready” Photo

Best “Sneaky Bridesmaids” Photo

Best “Arrival” Photo

Best “Last Prayer” Photo

Best “Waiting” Photo

Best “First Look” Photo(s)

We couldn’t pick just one… we tried.

Best “Groom” Photo

Okay, we admit it… we have a picking problem. But how can you say no to grooms in uniform?

Best “First Kiss” Photo

Best “Flower Girl” Photo

Best “Central Virginia but Make it Europe” Photo

Best “Vineyard” Photo

Best “Straight from a Magazine” Photo


Best “Stolen Moment” Photo

Best “Rainy Day” Photo

Best “Toast Reaction” Photo

Best “Father-Daughter Dance” Photo

Best “First Dance” Photo

Best “Sweep You Off Your Feet” Photo

Best “Dirty Dancing” Photo

Best “Dance Party” Photo

Best “Fireworks” Photo

Best “Sparkler” Photo

Best “Going Off into The Sunset” Photo



And because we often can’t pick just one favorite…

Honorable Mentions

We hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. We’re grateful for all our Amative Creative couples. Thanks for letting us be part of your best moments!


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